Black Friday – How The Top Websites are Handling Large Traffic

Black Friday is the day for the ultimate deals. So we thought we’d take screenshots of a few of the major retail sites, just to show you who came out on top in relation to handling the huge demand of moneysaving deals!!


1# Currys


The way Currys have approached Black Friday is by having a waiting list on the site, so only a certain number of customers can visit at a time. The waiting time would depend on the time of day, so this morning was a relatively longer wait compared to later on in the afternoon. Once you get through, you only get a certain amount of time on the site, as to allow other visitors to get the chance to buy a number of fantastic deals.

We would give this a score of 8/10




2# Argos

Argos have not been quite as apprehensive as Currys due to their site not being able to handle the mass of Black Friday shoppers. Although they are using a similar method to Currys by limiting the amount of shoppers at a time, but using a less effective approach. Customers will have to keep on refreshing the site in the hope of accessing Argos’ great deals; instead of using an automated waiting list like Currys.

Score of 5/10




3# Tesco Direct

Trying to access what deals Tesco Direct has to offer took the majority of the entire day. The site refreshed after every 30 seconds in the hope of being able to access the main site; which was probably a hardship for other hopeful customers as well. Later on in the day has proven to be the most successful for shoppers, as the site almost immediately loads up, rather than taking 4+ hours to load in the morning.

Score of 3/10



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