Blue Thirst Bird Box

We are very excited as we have a young family of Great Tits about to fledge in the Blue Thirst Bird Box.

For the last couple of weeks we have watched mum and day relentlessly working feeding what we hope is a happy healthy nest full of chicks.  I wonder what this little family would think if they knew that we had taken such an interest them ?


The chicks are very noisy this morning (for little chicks) and mum and dad have been working relentlessly feeding them, so we hope today might be the big day when the young ones come outside for the first time. We have set-up a battery powered wireless camera outside the box and are watching it closely. We hope once the family move out after their second brood sometime in the summer we can fit a camera inside the box so next year we can get some even more interesting video and pictures.

Don’t forget if you have a bird box or nest near you to register it with the British Trust for Ornithology

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