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PPC Management

The main service offered by Blue Thirst is PPC Management. We do this with Google Ads, Bing Ads and Amazon Advertising. We also offer some PPC on Russia’s largest search engines Yandex and China’s largest search engine Baidu.  

We are one of the South Coast’s only fully accredited Google Premier Partner Agencies. We are experts in markets such as lead generation, eCommerce and finance. And we are experienced in managing large complex accounts with more than 1000 campaigns. We can also offer custom automation such as integration with call centres for availability changes.

With Google ads we can offer YouTube advertising, Display, Google Shopping, Google Play and Remarketing services. We then also use Bing Ads to expand this visibility to Bing, Yahoo and MSN searches.

Baidu and Yandex are used to target audiences in Russia and China. Yandex has the ability to identify Russian inflections in search queries which gives users a better local language experience in search. Yandex has .market and .webmaster tools to sell consumer products and to track your analytics. Baidu is very similar to the Google Ads platform. 80% of searches in China are conducted through Baidu, so there’s no better place to advertise for that market.

Social Media Marketing

As well as PPC, we offer Social Media Marketing. Through Facebook Business Manager we advertise on Facebook and Instagram for a number of clients. We have experience using all Facebook ad formats, as well as creating content that fits Instagram guidelines. We monitor performance through Business Manager and create specific audiences for each ad set.

SEO & Organic

On top of Paid advertising we do some organic work. We perform SEO tasks for a number of clients to ensure they are appearing just as successfully outside of their ads on Google. This includes tracking their organic ranking for keywords and crawling their websites for errors. As well as managing organic posts on their social channels.

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