Cyber Monday 2014 was the biggest shopping day ever seen in the UK.


UK consumers made over 115 million visits to online retail sites in one single day
UK spent 15.3 million hours shopping online on Cyber Monday

Searches for “Black Friday” were up 355 per cent in 2014. £10.5 billion could be spent on online retail transactions in December alone

It is revealed the scale of online retail shopping on cyber Monday was the biggest and busiest day ever for online retailers in the UK.
British internet users made an astonishing 115 million visits to retail websites on Monday 2 December, representing a 2.5 per cent increase compared to the popular Boxing Day sales which of course was the previous record holder for biggest ever shopping day.
Compared to Cyber Monday 2014, visits were up by 3.3 million representing a 3 per cent growth year-on-year.

Some other data points include:
– UK Consumers set new records for the amount of time spent shopping online in a single day, spending 15.3 hours on retail websites.
– On average consumers spent eight minutes per site visit on the Monday.
– The big winners for retail visits on Cyber Monday compared to the preceding Monday (25th November) were department stores (up 4%), apparel (up 5%) and video games (up 17%)
(For the first time in the UK Black Friday “29th November 2013” also showed extensive growth)
– In 2014 Consumers made 113 million visits to retail websites on Black Friday, up by 19 per cent compared to 2013 – eclipsing any single shopping day of 2012.
– One in every 550 searches made that week included the words “Black Friday”, up 355 per cent year-on-year.

We can expect Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2015 is going to show even greater results in searches and sales making new records.

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