News Just In…Google To Release New Algorithm & Adwords Help Retailers To Drive Foot Traffic With Smartphones

Google Ready to Activate Doorway Page Penalty Algorithm


Google has begun its next campaign to tackle low quality pages starting with the doorway page penalty algorithm. These doorway pages are designed to rank highly for specific search queries even if it does not help the end user.

For example, if a user was looking for a local petrol station in area 1 they are unlikely to want to see results for petrol stations in area 2 (which is a 15 minute drive). However, doorway pages are specifically designed to target both area 1 and area 2 by having both locations copied into their landing pages, just so it can rank highly for these terms (this is typically associated with “blackhat seo”).

As you may suspect, this isn’t ideal for Google’s search experience.  However, this issue will be resolved in the near future by Google. Also, Google announced that sites with doorway pages may see a “broad impact” from this change, suggesting a wide scale effect. If you think you may be affected, then it may be ready to re-think your search strategy.

If you are unsure whether your site classifies as an abuser of doorway pages, then ask yourself these 5 questions found at the end of this linked article.


Google Adwords – The New Shopping Assistant

Google have provided an in-depth look into ways retailers can drive foot traffic with smartphones. Due to the devices becoming the favourite and most trusted ‘shopping assistant’, even though the majority of retail transactions still occur in-store. (Around 95%) There are many ways that you can optimise the use of mobile devices, making people aware about your services and more likely to purchase from you.

You can use Local Inventory Ads to promote nearby stock/availability information to buyers; so they know where they can purchase an item at the nearest and most convenient place.

It is also recommended for you to list store locations, opening hours and contact information, to make the buying process even easier for the consumer.

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