Easier Reporting for Multiple Campaign Types

Google Adwords – New features to help manage reporting

Google will be releasing new features over the next few weeks, that will help multi-channel advertisers manage their reporting much easier; and find insights that matter the most to them.

Reporting can be a mind-numbing and time-consuming task, which is why Google have three new features to help you through the reporting process. See below:

  • Campaign Type Selector – Filter your account by campaign type
  • Last Viewed Columns – See more relevant columns more quickly
  • Pre-Defined Column Sets – Apply column sets based on your advertising goals

The new campaign type selector enables you to filter your account by campaign type. Letting you just see the results for Search, Display or Shopping campaign.

So you can focus on one campaign type at a time, and be able to quickly see all ad groups and other features with one simple step.

                                   Filter by the campaign type that you want to see










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