Facebook losing users?

Researchers have said that by 2017 Facebook could lose 80% of users. Facebook has hit the peak of its popularity and has already started to decline. Academics at Princeton University based there knowledge on theories on the spread of disease combine with Google trends data on searches for Facebook. This was to predict the demise of the world’s largest social network. They said that ‘the future suggests that Facebook will undergo a rapid decline in the coming years, losing 80% of its peak user base between 2015 and 2017.”

Facebook is worth £84bn and has more than one billion users worldwide. Researchers looked at the number of Google searches for the social network, and found that they peaked in December 2012. A similar spike in searches was observed for Myspace, months before it hit its peak in 2008, and before heading into terminal decline. One of the causes for the decline in users for both social networks was people losing interest, and wanting to try something new. This did happen with Myspace and the other social networking site Bebo. Users were becoming bored with Myspace and changing over to the then most widely used social network in the UK, Bebo. Soon there will be a better social networking site that might send Facebook into terminal decline.

Google trend data is not quite a pessimistic as Princetons data but still shows a negative decline but i currently predicting a resurgence later in 2014.

Our Advice

  • Host your own content.  –  Facebook and other social channels are great for sharing content and having conversations but are not the substitute for your web presence.
  • Dont put all your eggs… –  Social networks can be fickle.  They should always return on a time and money investment,  a safe strategy is to use multiple channels and listen to where your customers are having conversions online.

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