Google Adwords: Helping small businesses reach new customers with Google Shopping

Google Adwords – Reach new customers with Google Shopping

If you’re a small business looking to acquire more customers online, Google has all the help that you need. They have recently introduced a new shopping campaigns page, to help small businesses get up and running with Google Shopping; and also by helping you learn new practices and insights. There are plenty of helpful and interesting resources that you can use, from product overviews, success stories, tutorial videos; and tools to show you how Google will assist you with finding new customers.

There is also a new Google for Retail website that can help retailers of all sizes learn more about Google’s approach to acquiring new customers, and helping businesses grow.

Read some of the success stories here

In other news…

Google have release new and improved reporting tools, to help you improve campaign performance. You can identify opportunities in your account, track the right metrics, and find deeper insights that will help you along the way to success.

Some of the major improvements that Google made:

  • Campaign details reports – which provides a much faster and easier way to see which features and settings are enabled in each of your campaigns.
  • Custom Columns – lets you create and view segmented columns for the metrics you care about most in your account.
  • Top Movers Report –  improvements to help you identify significant performance changes in your campaigns and ad groups so you can take action to optimize your account.

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