Google Adwords: How To Resolve Issues With Flexible Bid Strategies


If you are struggling to find the reason for your performance issues in Adwords, this new tool could help you out. This has been available to users since it’s release in November 2014 – so Google have kept this rather quiet! The new detailed reporting tool lets you find out more information for bidding strategies. You will be able to see when updates and changes have been made to the bid strategies; so if there was a problem, you will be able to see what caused it.

You can access this reporting tool through the shared library; which will provide insights into key performance metrics such as conversions, cost, CPA and conversion rate. And you can edit your bid strategy by clicking ‘Edit Strategy’.

Google AdWords better flexible bidding strategy reports

In order to find the status of your bidding strategy, you will need to go over to the shared library and click ‘bid strategies’. The status can be located by simply hovering over the speech bubble icon. To learn what each of the status’ of your bid strategy means, see below:

Not Limited – There are no restrictions and your bid strategy is Active

Inactive – Not active due to campaigns being paused or nothing has been assigned

Learning – A change has been made, and Google are gathering performance data in order to start making changes to bid optimisation

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