Google Analytics – iOS Install Tracking


Google Analytics – Go Deeper into your iOS App Installs

Google Analytics have announced a new update called iOS install tracking; which has been created for people who use AdMob or other mobile ad networds, to drive installs of iOS apps. The new update will be launched into all Analytics accounts in a few weeks, and will be available right into your GA interface.

Google would recommend this update as you’ll be able to see how one source performs compared to another, helping you to optimise your marketing spend.


A Google Certified Partner has already found benefits of using the feature:

“Seeing which marketing campaigns drive iOS users to app installs, and what users do after the install, is critical when determining where to use marketing spend.”


Why Will This Benefit YOU?

If you are having problems with the performance of your app, you’re probably thinking “what am I doing wrong?”. The new install metrics will help you measure your campaign performance, so if you have users coming from a source that tends to give your app a high bounce rate, or users coming from another source but generates a large amount of revenue; you will know by using this new feature.

You can also combine post-download metrics with your acquisition channels across all GA reports, to make even better decisions for your marketing campaign.

Click here for the step-by-step guide

More Information

In other news…

Google Analytics – Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals

Google Analytics have announced their newest addition to the Analytics Academy. The latest course is Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals, where you’ll learn how to identify your most valuable users and how to find more of them.

This course will also teach you how people are finding your app, and know the different types of visitors who are using it. Register and join Google when the course begins on Tuesday 18th November.

Register here

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