Google Finally Unlink Google Plus from YouTube

Google Plus is separating from YouTube!

The collaboration between the two platforms was introduced almost two years ago and YouTube users were forced to accept Google+ as a part of the new comments system, which left a lot of users angry. However, Google have now officially stated that they will be separating Google+ accounts from YouTube.

Google announced that they will be scaling back the reach of the under-performing platform in a blog post earlier on in the week.  A Google Account will soon be the only thing you need to be able to share content, communicate and create YouTube channels.

Since the forced promotion of Google+ begun, Google’s most popular services required a Google+ account in order to be accessed, and there wasn’t a way to say no.

Hopefully all this will change, as YouTube will be the first platform to split from Google+.  Google have stated that they also have plans to exclude G+ from most of their other popular services in the near future.

YouTube is currently in the early stages of moving away from Google+, as the only update that has been made so far is the change in comments, so be careful not to delete your Google+ account yet because doing so will also erase your YouTube account!

Google is saying that this isn’t the end of Google+, as it will continue to provide an “interest-based social experience” for the minority of users who still enjoy using it. Read the Google blog post here.


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