Google Have Launched ‘Paid Search Best Practices’ Email Newsletter

New Google Best Practices Email Newsletter!

Google have recently announced the launch of a new email newsletter called ‘Google Best Practices’ which will be sent out once a month to subscribing advertisers with advice on how to improve your PPC campaigns.

On Wednesday, Matt Lawson, the Director of Performance Ads Marketing at Google wrote a blog post about it on the Inside AdWords blog saying this:

“We get it. You’re busy. Staying on top of your AdWords game is important, but there are only so many hours in the day (or week {or month}) to read guides and watch webinars.

That’s why the Google Best Practices team put together a brand new newsletter. It’ll be an email per month, and we’re designing it to take approximately three minutes to read in its entirety. We want the insights and recommendations in it to be worth the time you put into reading it. Even if it only takes three minutes to read, we want those to be three valuable minutes.

Whether it’s a quick video or recommendations on using a new feature, we hope to include the type of insights that make you better at doing what you do, all while getting you back to doing what you actually do as quickly as possible.”

When completing the form, you can choose to get emails that are of interest to you based on certain industries and media platforms.

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