Google Video Ad Excluded Content

Google video ads will soon be replacing the sensitive content categories with inventory types. This means that instead of selecting certain category types that you don’t want your ad to show in, you will have 3 different inventory types to choose from that will prevent your ad from showing on a different degree of severity on those topics.


The 3 inventory types are: Expanded inventory, Standard inventory, and Limited inventory


In Expanded inventory, Google says it will maximise available inventory by showing ads on some sensitive content. It will exclude extremely sensitive content like: excessive profanity, graphic sexual content and nudity, and graphic violence and serious injury


The Standard inventory is the one that Google recommends for most inventories and if you do not make a selection before they remove the content categories completely this will be chosen for you by default. It shows ads on content that’s appropriate for most brands. It excludes everything that is in Expanded inventory, as well as: repeated strong profanity, strong sexual content and discussions of sex, and violence either real or dramatised.


In Limited inventory it excluded most types of sensitive content and limits your available inventory. It has the same exclusions as expanded and standard inventories as well as: moderate profanity, and moderate sexually suggestive content.


Inventory types

Below is a full, detailed list of what exactly is in each inventory selection. The list is taken from google.


Expanded inventory Recommended

Standard inventory

Limited inventory
Video content
Light profanity used in a non-hateful, comedic or artistic way Excluded Excluded Excluded
Moderate profanity used in a non-hateful, comedic or artistic manner, or a music video with frequent profanity Excluded Excluded Excluded
Strong profanity used throughout or at the very beginning of the video in comedy, documentary, news or education Excluded Excluded Excluded
Romance, kissing, limited clothing in non-sexual settings or general discussions of relationships or sexuality Excluded Excluded Excluded
Limited clothing in sexual settings, sensual dancing, moderate sexually suggestive behaviour or a music video containing sexual content Excluded Excluded Excluded
Blurred nudity, focus on sexual body parts, focus on sex as a topic, discussions about sex acts, implied or displayed sex acts or sex toys without visible contact or nudity Excluded Excluded Excluded
Mild violence or injury without showing blood or graphic content Excluded Excluded Excluded
Violence or graphic content in video games, comedy or music videos Excluded Excluded Excluded
Focus on blood, gore and excessive violence in video games, animal violence or animation; sports, accidents, pranks or ‘fails’ with serious injury; blood shown in body modification or medical procedures Excluded Excluded Excluded
Content with humorous references, education, music or statements without glorifying or promoting drugs Excluded Excluded Excluded
Drug consumption, fabrication and distribution in the context of music, comedy, news, education or documentary Excluded Excluded Excluded
News, documentary or education content with words that could be considered biased, demeaning or hate speech against a race, religion, gender or other group Excluded Excluded Excluded
Video Ad Safety Promise

Your ads are automatically excluded from showing on the most controversial content

Profanity in the title or thumbnail image, or profanity used repeatedly or throughout Excluded Excluded Excluded
Full nudity, exposed nipples, animal mating, sexual abuse or sexual content in the thumbnail Excluded Excluded Excluded
Content showing abusing, buying, making, selling or finding drugs Excluded Excluded Excluded
Content discussing terrorism or sensitive current events like war, death or tragedy Excluded Excluded Excluded

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