Google’s Mobile Impact Calculator

Google has recently released a new tool for helping you make more revenue from mobile sales. This is the Impact Calculator, it is a very simple tool to show you an estimate of how much more revenue you could make if your mobile site loaded faster. Did you know that 80-90% of websites don’t function well on mobile?


Sometimes, clients may struggle to see the benefit of reducing page load speed by just a few seconds. They might ask, how will this help the site? This tool is great for showing the effect of optimisation, especially on how much more revenue can be gained.


When you get to the Impact Calculator site, you will see the below table. Just fill out the fields and submit.

More detailed speed insights can be obtained from the Google Developer Tools. If you’re using chrome, press F12 to open them up and then click on the the Network tab.


When you submit the Impact Calculator, it will return basic data on how performance can increase with an optimised site. Here, you can get average monthly visitors, order value and conversion rate from places like AdWords, Analytics or your CMS.


The below is an example with some dummy data I put in which shows that a big effect can be made from just taking a few seconds of the pages load time. Here, you can use the slider to see how impactful the change could be at different speeds.

This tool is great if you are unsure on the current performance of your site compared to an optimised one. Or even better if you are trying to persuade a client to create a mobile-friendly site.


Hopefully you will be able to use this tool to make even more in mobile sales!

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