Ecommerce – How to Rank for Amazon in the UK?

Amazon often gets forgotten when it comes to search engine marketing, which can be a good or bad thing. Good if you’re reading this post as you’re now aware that you can’t neglect Amazon and bad if you’re still unaware that you could be utilising Amazon’s site to make more money!

Amazon receives over 2 million visitors every single week in the UK, which is 1 million more than eBay! In the week I wrote this post, Amazon attracted 2,546,897 whereas eBay received 843,007.  So now you know the potential Amazon can bring, without further ado, let’s start to build a strategy on how to rank in Amazon!


There are two central areas that Amazon’s algorithms are fixed to when ranking your products:

1. Performance metrics

2. Relevancy


Amazon wants to rank products that can ACTUALLY sell. This is a win-win for Amazon because for one they make money from sales and two they want to rank products which customers want to buy. Therefore, having a strategy to sell lots of your products in the initial stages can make the world of difference in your Amazon campaign.


Many people believe that ratings may play a role when it comes to rankings but I can tell you that it doesn’t play any role. Do you think Amazon would de-list a product that was constantly driving sales if it had poor reviews?

Granted, this is a correlation vs causation factor because my example is unlikely to occur as people tend not to buy products with such bad rankings. But you get the point I’m trying to make. Amazon only takes into consideration whether a product can sell.


Needlessly to say, price is important, but pricing in Amazon can make or break it.

Remember, Amazon only lists products that can sell and we all know how important reviews are when it comes to purchase decisions.

This is why you may want to consider lowering your prices compared to the competition in the early stages.

Because, once you begin to sell products based on your USP of price, you will then be able to build up (hopefully if your business is doing things right) positive reviews which will enhance the reputation of your products.

Also, at this stage you could revert the price back to your preferred price because you will have built up a selection of positive reviews which enable users to trust that your business does what you say you do.


Just like Google, you now need to ensure that your products appear when your potential consumers are searching for it.

So in the Google Keyword Tool Planner, build a list of the most relevant and searched terms.

Then Amazon will want you to add the keywords you want to rank for in the “vital info search term fields”.

The next part is quite crucial where you will need to add more keywords you want to rank for in the “keywords” section.

However, note the key is not to repeat any of the keywords that you have included in the “vital info search fields” because Amazon automatically includes the keywords from those fields.

Rather, to find more keywords use the Google Keyword Tool Planner or search for similar products in Amazon & eBay, and see what keywords may be used by customers to search for your products, and then add them to your list.

So as you can see in my example below, here I am attempting to sell some golf balls but I am trying to target keywords which aren’t in my “vital info search fields”. The more accurate I can get my keywords to match the product item, the better chances my customers are able to find my products.


The final essential section to fill out is to tell users why your brand and products are different compared to your competition. This is where you list your product’s key features and benefits and what types of services come included with he product (i.e. free delivery, 10% off original price, etc).



To summarise, the ability of a product to send performance and relevancy signals to Amazon’s algorithms are the key factors to rank. Therefore, it is important to strategically sell as many products as you can in the early stages to rank to show Amazon you have a product which is desired by their users. Equally it is important to identify all the keywords which a user may use to find your products. Being able to achieve these factors are the starting blocks of ranking in Amazon.

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