Audiences: IF statements and more

In this article we are going to be talking about 2 big features using Google Ads audiences, as spoken about at the Google Partners Training Event on 4th September: IF statements and Life Events.


IF Statements


IF Statements can be used in ads to depict what users see, based on the defined audience they sit in. Got an audience of cart abandoners? You can remind them of their abandoned items in the headline of the ad. To use IF Statements, start the IF statement wizard by putting { in the ad. Here, you can click on “Select audiences” where another window will open so that you can choose which of your audiences you want to see the text.

Blank IF statement



Choose audience


When you have chosen your audience or audiences and inserted the text to show them and what text to show others (if you want to show them anything at all, it is perfectly acceptable to leave this section blank). Click “Apply” to have the IF statement in your ad.


Finished IF statement


The IF statement will be written in the Syntax that the Google Ad understands, in this case {IF(audience IN (Visited service station), You’ve seen what we can do. Now let us do it for you.):See how we can help your business today}. The character counter will only count the text that’s in the “THEN” section of the IF statement so you don’t have to worry about the rest of the statement stopping you from putting more in the headline or description.

Life Events

The Life Events feature in Audiences is still in closed beta and not available to all. It is an Audience category where for users seen making searches on YouTube or Google that signify major life events. These could be for example someone watching nappy changing tutorials on YouTube to signify someone is about to become a parent. Or searching for wedding rings, wedding event on Google to show they are getting married. You can use this to show these people products that they now find themselves needing.


With these tools we change the way that people see our ads so that certain audiences see different ads tailored to them and we can help users facing big changes in their lives find more products suited to them.

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