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Google Announces Shopping Feed Spec Updates

Image result for google shopping feed updateGoogle has announced several new updates to the specifications for the Google Shopping Feeds and product taxonomy. This is expected to go into effect in September.

These changes have been made to benefit the consumers as well as the advertisers; by creating a richer experience for customers searching for products online. Advertisers are benefited by this update by Google simplifying the process of providing information in each feed.

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The updates to the product taxonomy are only recommendations, as users can have the choice to implement or not. There are a number of child categories that have been eliminated, and some of the categories – including Arts & Crafts, Decor, Hardware, and Sporting Goods – have significantly been retooled.

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Google has introduced RLSA to Google Analytics

Image result for google rlsaIf you have previously enabled Display Remarketing and the Advertising Reporting Features by updating your tracking

Google has announced that you can now create remarketing lists for search ads within Google Analytics, but there are reportedly a few limitations.

Advertisers can now build and use remarketing lists, targeting people who have visited their sites; using many of the metrics that the GA tagis tracking. With RLSA, advertisers can also customise ads, exclude audiences and target a wider set of keywords.

This new process is a much more beneficial way of targeting specific audiences, as Google Adwords remarketing was built from cookies; whereas Analytics uses the behaviour metrics on the GA tag.

Keep in mind that for privacy reasons, RLSA lists need at least 1,000 cookies before they can be used to tailor search ads.

To get started, you will need to enable data collection for Remarketing in your GA account. This can be changed in Analytics by clicking Admin > Tracking Info > Data Collection









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Google Panda Update Coming Soon…

Google have recently announced a new update for Panda, which will prevent sites with poor quality content from working their way up into their top results.

They have stated that the update will arrive within the next few weeks.  According to Gary Illyes (Webmaster Trends Analyst for Google), the update will be a ‘data refresh’, rather than an algorithmic change, so some sites that have been suffering from this algorithm may see a recovery soon.

Like the upcoming Penguin update, Google plan to keep this data fresh by updating it as often as they can. However, unlike other algorithms the update won’t run by itself, meaning it will require a manual update.

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Bing Will Introduce Their New Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm in Upcoming Months

Bing has announced that they are currently working on a mobile friendly ranking system.  This new algorithm will work a lot like Google’s mobile-friendly update, which launched a couple of months ago.

They have said that they will always prioritise relevancy over mobile friendly, so even sites that aren’t optimized for mobile but have useful content still rank well.  The reason for this is because Bing want to get the right balance between relevancy and user-friendly results.

Click here to find out the main factors that determine if your page is mobile friendly:

  1. Navigation – menus, buttons, links etc. should be large so that they are ‘easy to tap’
  2. Readability – text on the page should be easy to read on a mobile device, without requiring the user to zoom in
  3. Scrolling – all content on the page should be fit within the device’s width so the user can easily scroll
  4. Compatibility – pages with flash aren’t compatible with iOS devices, so the content needs to work well with the device

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