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Google Adwords – Deliver the right information in your ads

Google have discovered that there are more people than ever before, searching online to find products/services nearby. Their research shows that the number of search interest in the “near me” term has doubled since last year – 80% coming from mobile devices.

This shows that even more people are wanting to find certain things closer to their own location, so convenience is becoming more important when looking to buy a product and/or service.

Last year Google enhanced the location extensions in order to show up to three different locations for a business in a single ad, giving consumers more of a choice and the flexibility to choose the most convenient location for them.

They also recently created another update for location-relation searches, by showing up to four different businesses for searches like “nearby auto repair”. The closest businesses to a user’s location will show, along with a click-to-call and directions feature.


In this article there is also guidance and information on how to get the best out of your ad extensions; with a successful case study talking about the positive affect it had on their conversions.

Click to read case study

Read full article here


Google Shopping – Testing new “value alert” notice in PLAs

Google is currently running a test on a new alert that will highlight products that have been reduced or currently on sale. The way the test works is by displaying a “value alert” message at the bottom of a shopping ad. Below shows the alert being tested on a shopping ad:

google adwords value alert notice test in google shopping ads

Looking at this screenshot, the purpose of this test could be to highlight products that have been heavily discounted. The alert clearly doesn’t appear on products that have the lowest price as the product in question is $55, and the best price is $24.99 from another seller.

There have not been any details on what exactly this alert does, so it would be a case of waiting for Google to make an announcement; as they are clearly still in their early stages of testing.

Full Article


Twitter Upgrades Analytics With Audience Insights

A few days ago Twitter launched an upgrade to its analytics tool in the US (soon to be coming to the UK!) which gives marketers more information about their audience on the network. The enhanced tool drills into demographics, interests, lifestyle, purchasing behaviour, TV viewing preferences and mobile/device usage.

Twitter says that the enhanced analytics will help brands improve their paid and organic strategies on Twitter, and it should be especially useful for advertisers. Product manager Andrew Bragdon said in a blog post:


“For example, if you’re running a campaign to increase awareness about a new cosmetics line, you can use this tool to learn about your potential customers on Twitter — the beauty products they’ve recently purchased, what fashion trends they’re interested in and even TV viewing behavior. Based on this information, you can identify the best segments to target within Twitter Ads, along with which creative — such as a Vine or video clip — your audience will find most compelling.”

Twitter says it plans to roll the tool out more broadly in the coming months. To find out more information about the analytics tool Click Here


Google Brings App Indexing Support to iOS Apps

Google has supported App Indexing for Android Apps for a while, but now, Google are now also supporting iOS apps with the App Indexing protocol, meaning that in a few weeks iOS users may see content from apps in their mobile search results. Here’s a picture of how it could look:

OpenTable Side-by-side

An “initial group of apps” will be testing iOS app indexing with Google. Unfortunately, right now, you can’t get your iOS app into this group of apps. However you can get a head start by preparing your app for iOS indexing with Google, to see how Click Here

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