Negative Retargeting

Negative Retargeting

 What is it?

Negative retargeting is a process where you can prevent an ad being shown to a user who has already made a purchase. This is a type of retargeting that can really benefit your budget, as you wouldn’t want to invest your budget into ads for something a user has already purchased. It will enable you to spend your budget wisely and target users who haven’t yet made any purchases.

How to use it

This type of retargeting works the same as the normal version on Adwords, but you would be targeting users who haven’t yet purchased anything or visited the site. You would need to exclude the users that have made purchases, in order to stop certain ads being shown to them.

The first step would be to select the ‘Audiences’ tab and below the Remarketing option, you will see ‘Exclusions’. Create an exclusion that would target your specified audience by either using ‘Search by list name’ or by clicking on ‘add’ which is located to the right of each audience. Once this is complete, you can start building ads without the worry of regular purchasing customers seeing them.

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Client Case Study

We have recently set up negative retargeting for a client, in order to prevent ads being shown to regular purchasing customers. This will give us more spare budget to focus on bringing in new customers for our client, and to entice the users to make a purchase. It would be a waste of valuable time and budget to create ads that target all of our client’s visitors, which is why we think negative retargeting is the best method to help this.

We decided that our client’s regular customers wouldn’t need ads that strongly promote the client’s brand and products; as they are already aware of them. The best way would be to show them ads on new products and special offers. The customers that we want to attract are those who haven’t yet made any purchases; so with negative retargeting we are able to push all the important brand/products ads towards them.

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