Old Spice Social Sharing Brand Campaign

The Goal

This is a very ingenious way of increasing brand knowledge within a young demographic. By creating great content, this demographic will do all the content distribution for Old Spice.

The Method

Old spice has raised its game again with a new advert. As some people may know, Old Spice has launched a series of fake websites

Toughsheets.com – Tough sheets is one of 9 fake products created by Old Spice for their ‘Interneterventions’ campaigns. The joke product is black leather sheets. ‘Because Nothing Says Luxury Like Leather’.

Glitzelectronics.com – Glitz electronics is another creation from Old Spice, with the fake product ‘100 percent solid gold headset’.

Zaneckworkouts.com – Zaneck workouts is the website for the interestingly fake product the ‘Illegal neck workout machine’.

Partytanz.com – Partytanz has the ‘Executive spray tan parties’ product. ‘Tan your bod while you dance’.

With the fake sites, you can send them to friends/family as a prank (via Twitter, Facebook or email); and when they try to navigate around that’s when the Old Spice ad appears. The actor Isaiah Mustafa has fronted most of the ads, and delivers an ‘internetervention’ in his trademark style. There are different videos that play on each site, and there are all sorts of jokes and site gags.

When the site is visited by the user, any click on one of the call-to-action buttons triggers a red alert sound. The site then collapses and users are presented with a video from the ‘old spice guy’ (Isaiah Mustafa). The advert is a pitch for an Old Spice product. Old Spice has had tremendous success with viral promotion of previous ads featuring Mustafa as well as a 2010 YouTube campaign in which Mustafa answered questions posted by fans on sites like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. The videos in the new campaign are all powered by Vimeo.

The company realized the power of advertisement first through traditional television marketing, then in a straight-to-YouTube campaign. This saw Mustafa answering questions from popular social channels like Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

The Results

The new Old Spice ‘internetervention’ ads are thought to be their best idea yet. It has been said that in the world of online viral ads campaigns, Old Spice has been named #1. Old Spice has continued to make funny, interesting and unique videos; and making the videos interactive for users. Their approach to advertising is interesting and very clever, as you forget that they are promoting a product. The response from the general public has been mostly positive; probably because of the ridiculous and funny products that have been created for the campaign. Users thoroughly enjoy pranking their friends/family/co-workers, so it proves that Old Spice is targeting the right demographic.

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