Preparing your Campaigns for Christmas 2018

Christmas is quickly approaching; the decorations are up and the presents wrapped. Now you just have to worry about how you will manage your campaigns over the Festive period. After all, everyone deserves a day off on Christmas!


So, if you have a handful of campaigns launching on Christmas day, or perhaps an ad copy changeover due to go live on 1st January, these tips will help save time and worry for advertisers.

1. Take advantage of campaign scheduling settings

This tip is great if you have a set of campaigns launching on those days where getting to your work PC is just impossible. Automation is your friend! Nearly every advertising platform has a scheduling setting for campaigns, where you can control when it goes live and switches off.

In Google Ads, advertisers can set the start date when building a campaign, alternatively an Automated Rule can be setup to switch a campaign on/off.

Advertisers should be aware that this feature, like any software, may sometimes occur errors. To ensure there are no problems, you should always check that a campaign has gone live successfully when using these methods.

2. Be aware of changes in competition, interest and search volume

As with everything online, there are trends and patterns that change throughout the year. The same can be said for competition with advertising, interest in products/services and keyword search volume. This could mean that your campaign performance could peak or even drop off over Christmas.

Let’s use an example. If you are advertising for a range of Christmas jumpers, interest for this is likely to drop off after Christmas and Boxing Day. However, if you are advertising for Gym subscriptions, interest for this is likely to increase around New Years.

As an advertiser, you should always be aware of the trends over the Festive period. A great way to understand search query trends is to use the Google Trends tool. This displays search volumes for the past 12 months, broken by week, so you can see where your campaigns perform best and worst. The Google Trends tool can be accessed here:


3. Understand what your competitors are doing

Our final tip is to be aware of what your competitors are doing with their advertising and pricing. If you are running an eCommerce campaign, do competitors start their January sale on 1st January? Is this when your January sale campaigns should be starting?

It is well worth understanding where you stand compared to your competitors, and give yourself and advantage on this.


We hope these tips will make your life as an advertiser simpler over the Christmas period. There are lots of tools to assist in campaign management for you.

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