Reasons organic still matters

There was a time we all relied on our Google placement with keywords used by site users which determined our success.
Nowadays things have certainly changed, for the better? AdWords and Bing ads are used for more diversity which we hope will generate recognition and future visits from users.
Of course it is our job to develop a website which will be of interest to the viewer whom we want to return.

We also promote via our social media identities across sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which happen to be a great way of increasing user interest.
Gladly we are no longer surviving by Google rankings because of these platforms.

But is Organic search no longer the answer? Is it in the past now?
As long as we are smart with our digital marketing plans we no longer rely on our survival in the hands of Google. But have we forgotten how beneficial organic listings can truly be?

“The clear champion of website traffic is organic search. Overwhelmingly, organic search trumps other traffic generators, driving 51% of all visitors for both B2B and B2C businesses.”  – BrightEdge, Cracking the Content 2014


“BrightEdge research supports that a blended approach is best for delivering high performing content. Not only will combining organic and paid search increase website traffic, but it will offer a bigger return on the investment. Take Retail, Technology and Hospitality industries, for example – Organic and paid search combined make up more than two-thirds of their total revenue.” – BrightEdge, Cracking the Content 2014

So if you have not put much attention into organic listings, your paid ads are not doing as well as they could, either. You are leaving money on the table in both organic and paid search.
These results sustain you during those times when you cannot put more money into your paid budgets.

Don’t forget to invest in your organic results. These results will benefit you during the times when you cannot put more money into your paid budgets.
Organic traffic is different from what you’ll receive from any paid or social channels.
When users browse a search engine the results will be most relevant to what they are looking for so we have a much greater opportunity to create long-term relationships and increase our overall ROI when using organic.

Organic really does still rock.


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