Search engines, Mobile VS PC

Google finds PC market share is falling, yet company seeing more searches than ever!
To this date Google is seeing the highest search volume of its existence, yet the volume of desktop search queries has dropped. This is because Smart phones and tablets are more popular than ever and those figures are increasing on a daily basis.
Of course there are competitor search engines available like Yahoo and Bing but Google is and always has been at the top of the list. comScore released search engine rankings for September 2015 for the US desktop PC market. Google saw a year-over-year increase of 1percent, to 11.4 billion searches. Bing saw a 2 percent annual increase and Yahoo had no change.

As you can see in the above graph image, Google has almost 90% of the mobile search market in the US which is an outstandingly huge amount.
We could say that despite the loss of market share on the PC over the last year, Google is seeing more search queries today. (In terms of numbers with the addition of mobile queries) than ever before!  

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