Segmenting sessions according to single or multi-session conditions

Segmenting sessions according to single or multi-session conditions

Google Analytics’ Segmenting sessions helps you identify and monitor any part of your own/client’s campaign. For example, if you wanted to keep an eye on new users to your site over a specific date or time.

For those of you who don’t know, by building segmented sessions you can filter both visit and user based content. You can also create segments based on dimensions, metrics and visit date and sequences of action.

For one of our E-Commerce clients we have created a segmented session with advanced filters. This was to monitor a certain area of the website that wasn’t bringing in enough revenue; as it was attracting over half a million visitors, but only a small percentage actually made a purchase. We are now able to figure out the problem by analysing user behaviour.

The part of the website that we are checking is the ‘gift finder’. This is a tool within the site that helps customers filter search results to suit their needs. This is a much faster tool to use if you are looking for something specific for a family member or friend.

There are a number of things that we would do to try and resolve the problem. We would first check that the tool is working properly and visitors can get to the checkout stage without any problems.

The next stage would be to check that the filter results are working and are presenting customers with enough products to choose from.  We would need to physically test it and see what products come up within the filtered searches. It might be that products aren’t appearing in this tool when a customer makes a search filter, or that they aren’t relevant to the customer’s needs and specifications.

If you haven’t used segments before, now is your chance to get even more relevant and accurate data from your campaigns. Instead of monitoring the whole campaign, make it easier for yourself and better for your client to analyse smaller parts of websites. You would be able to pin point an area in your site that isn’t doing well or is acting unusual, and start segmenting sessions according to single or multi-session conditions.

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