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Google – Best Practices

guidegoogleGoogle have put together a new best practices guide, on how to get the most out of remarketing. There are many things that you will learn in this guide, from how to properly set up site-wide tags, to knowing how to acquire new customers that have similar behaviors to your current ones.

This guide will also help you to pinpoint the types of remarketing lists and ad formats that are the most effective.

Follow the link to download the full version of the Best Practices Guide “Remarketing Right on Cue”

See also, Google’s Best Practices Guide for driving calls with Adwords

“Good Call: A Guide to Driving Calls with Adwords” Click to download


Google Adwords – App launches on Android

Google have announced a much easier way to view and manage campaign performance, when you are on-the-go. The new App is available to existing Adwords customers who own an Android phone.

You can pretty much do anything on this App, whether it’s to view the status of campaigns, updating bids and budgets; and you can even receive real-time notifications regarding your account.

The App is now available to download

For more information click here



Google Mobile – Mobile Ranking Factor Is a Page by Page Ranking Basis

Google announced last week that a new mobile-friendly ranking will be added to the mobile search algorithm on April 21, 2015. However, this algorithm will only affect sites on a page by page basis.

This means that if you had 20 web pages on your site and 10 of those were mobile friendly and 10 of those were not, then only the pages that are mobile friendly will receive a boost in ranking authority and not the site as a whole.

Therefore, the non optimised mobile pages will not receive a boost and would be liable to be overtaken by other similar pages that may be mobile optimised.

You can find the full article here.

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