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Google – New Piracy Update

googlepiracyGoogle have announced a new update to their piracy prevention system. For those who aren’t aware, the pirate update (created in Aug 2012) is a system that penalizes sites believed to be violating copyright laws. Google will now release an updated version of this system called Pirate Update 2, which is due to be released next week. Along with the release of the update, there is also new ad and editorial formats to help further reduce piracy.

Google’s new ad formats will limit the search results to illegitimate music and film websites, where users can download songs and movies for free.

Google have now changed how the search results work, by showing the rightful ads on search terms that include ‘download’, ‘free’ or ‘watch’.

For example, if you are searching for a website that will download ‘Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen’ for free, the websites that will appear are Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, etc; instead of piracy websites where you can easily download any song or movie straight to your computer without payment.

Google are aiming to make it much more difficult for users to discover sites hit with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) removal notices. And they are set to improve the DMCA demotion signal further by making it affect the ranking of sites that have this on their sites.

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How Google Fights Piracy


Google – Penguin 3.0 Update

After a whole year of patiently waiting, Google have now released a new update for its Penguin algorithm. The last update was released in Oct 2013, which was Penguin 2.1. The new 3.0 version of the update is the most anticipated algorithm update in all of Google’s history.

Penguin 3.0 has been created to fight spam, where the penguin filter will weed out sites deemed to be spam from its search results.

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Google Express – Are They The Next Amazon?

Google has been stepping into Amazon’s territory lately, with the creation of their new shopping service called Google Express. They have already begun testing this new service, with its first trial run launched last year in the San Francisco area.

They are offering customers same-day delivery from a limited group of participating retailers, which is a slightly different approach to Amazon’s services.

Amazon have warehouses full of their products, whereas Google have their orders filled by large chain stores such as Target, Staples and Whole Foods.

The real question is whether Google is making it possible for other online stores to offer same-day delivery. With Google Express, this is very possible for all online retailers to offer such a thing to customers. As it will not only benefit Google, but it will help online stores that are wanting to branch into same-day delivery.

Google Express Website


Google Adwords – Debuts Local Forwarding Numbers For Call Extensions

Google Adwords are starting to use numbers from local listings for phone extensions, instead of using unreliable paid phone numbers. This change will take effect as early as November. So ads that already have call extensions with local numbers, will automatically begin to show a local Google forwarding number (if available). If a local number isn’t available to you, the ad will continue to show a toll-free Google forwarding number.

Potential customers are more likely to call a number that is recognizable to them, so this new feature will be beneficial to all ads over the world.

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