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Google Adwords – Secrets to Seasonal Success

adwordsxmasAs Christmas is only 56 days away, with the help of Adwords we have highlighted the keys to success for this holiday season.

1# Christmas Rush

We have seen the Christmas rush to begin earlier and earlier into the year, with people starting to think about shopping as early as September!

There have also been noticeable amounts of the Xmas shopping frenzy occurring beyond the Xmas season; with transaction rates continuing to increase well after Christmas day.

So it would be worth releasing any deals and promoting your top products on the long run up to Christmas right away, even after the 25th!!

2# Driving Sales

How to drive sales on top transaction days: As the holiday seasons generates some of the highest transaction rate spikes and dips for the year, it is important to adjust your bids to account for the higher rates on key dates throughout the festive season. Stay ahead of competitors with higher bids, increasing the value of clicks that are most likely to convert.

Learn more about adjusting your bids on the lead up to Christmas with Adwords’ Bid Adjustments.

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Google – Anti-Piracy Algorithm off to a Good Start

Ever since Google changed their algorithm to better fight off piracy, there has been a sudden loss in the amount of visibility for pirated sites.

Research have shown that sites that have experienced decreased visibility have been sites with links or content containing movies, TV and music. Some of these sites have reportedly seen as much as a 98% decrease in visibility on Google’s search results.

Google’s algorithm update has proven to have paid off when it comes to diminishing piracy. Search Metrics’ have provided a list of ‘losers’ who have been affected by the anti-piracy algorithm. Follow the link below for the details.

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Google Guidelines – Blocking CSS Or JavaScript

Google have announced a change that they made to their Webmaster Guidelines, a change that specifically informs users to not block them from crawling your CSS or JavaScript.

A quote from Google’s Guidelines:

“To help Google fully understand your site’s contents, allow all of your site’s assets, such as CSS and JavaScript files, to be crawled.”

This has been added to the guidelines as it has been proven to be harmful to your site if Google is unable to crawl CSS and JavaScript content. It can directly harm how well Google’s Algorithms render and index your content, and can result in below average rankings.

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Google – Webmaster Tools Update

Google has added a new Google Webmaster tools report, showing mobile usability issues. There are many issues that Webmaster Tools will be able to pick up, from flash usage, fixed-width view-port, font size and touch elements.

Due to global web traffic from mobile devices continuing to increase, mobile usability is more relevant than ever before.

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