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Google Adwords – Managing your accounts at scale, made easier

google3Google Adwords have created a new set of tools helping users simplify campaign management, and act on key business insights at a scale. Adwords have turned their focus on scalable and efficient workflow management.

Meaning that their goal is to help you find time-saving ways to complete and manage tasks at a simpler rate, which will enable you to focus more on the fundamentals of your business.

There are three core areas where Adwords’ workflow tools will fall.The first one being where users are able to directly manage multiple campaign tasks more efficiently; and you will be able to edit location targeting, update ad extensions etc with just a few clicks.

There has also been an improved tool for when uploading changes in substantial size. The improvements to bulk uploads include more intuitive spreadsheet formats, the ability to preview changes and check for errors before posting them; also in-context options to upload changes directly into the appropriate campaigns/ad groups.

The last core area is advanced tools, which enables for more customized changes across multiple accounts; so users will be assisted much faster when editing more complex areas across accounts.

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Google Adwords – Automated Extensions

google1Google Adwords have announced the existence of Automated Extensions. This may seem familiar as the term was once known as ‘annotations’; which manages consumer and seller ratings that populate your ads. Google have now retired the use of the ‘annotations’ term, and will know begin to roll out the new Automated Extensions Report.

This hasn’t just been renamed because up until now, advertisers haven’t had any insight into how their ads are performing; which is where the new report starts to become useful.

The new report will show how ads that have the extensions (e.g.consumer/ seller ratings) show up.

To find the report select ‘Automated Extensions ‘from the View drop-down within the ad extensions tab – Be prepared to see this in your account in the next few weeks.

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Facebook – Is the cost of mobile advertising outweighing the ROI?

According to a recent study by Ampush, the cost of mobile advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has become more costly. Finding that while it is getting much more expensive to advertising to mobile users, it has been proven to still be highly effective.

Ambush has discovered that mobile ad spend on Facebook & Twitter has increased by 233% year-over-year. There has also been a change in the price of mobile apps, as the average cost for each installation has grown 29% over the years.

Even though mobile advertising expense is increasing by the second, there has been proof that it still benefits advertisers. So if you’re willing to spend a little bit of extra cash than you’re used to; you could eventually see even better performances for your business.

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