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Google Adwords Removes The Ability To Match Only Exact Keywords

Google Adwords have released yet another update, changing the way users match keywords. Up until now, advertisers had two options on how to match their ads to search queries. They had to choose from either using exact match; which is where ads are only shown when the search query exactly matched the keywords that were set up in Adwords. Alternatively they could choose to phrase match keywords which triggers ads with search terms that are similar or include variations like plurals or misspellings.

The update will start in late September, where Google will automatically include all close variants when it tries to match an ad to a search query. Advertisers will still be able to select even broader settings including synonyms and any other modifications. They will not be able to just use exact keyword matching after the September update.

There has already been changes to the system, which some people may not have noticed; where Google have made the close matching default for most Adwords campaigns.

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Facebook Testing Call to Action Options on Organic Video Posts

Call to Action buttons can be seen on posts from brands in your News Feed. The types of Call to Action buttons that are available are Shop Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Book Now and Download.

Facebook have started to test CTA options for ads and organic posts; instead of just making it available to large brands, other users can use this tool as well. When using Call to Action in posts, keep in mind that your ad will only appear within the News Feed, not the sidebar. This is a great tool to use if you want to drive traffic to blog posts, selling products, pushing registration of newsletters/webinar.

The most efficient way to create a Call to Action post is to use Power Editor. Your next step would be to select the ‘Manage Pages’ option from the drop down menu, then select the ‘Create Post’ button. A dialogue box will appear and this is where you can select your preferred CTA button.


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