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Rolling Out Call-out Ad Extensions

Google have announced new ad extensions where users have the use of an additional line of text in their ads. Advertisers can use this to show off their unique offers, products and services and increase click-through rates. You can use call-outs to promote free shipping, 24-7 customer service and price matching or any other offers or services that are unique to your site.

These call-outs appear below the standard ad copy, and can be displayed beside other ad formats such as reviews and call extensions. You can also create call-outs for mobile devices and disable specific call-outs on devices you choose.

Expect to see these new extensions in your accounts over the next few weeks.

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Build Rich & Engaging Mobile Ads for GDN

Google Adwords are now making it easier for users to build engaging mobile ads for the Google Display Network. They recently added the ability for advertisers to upload HTML5 ads (built with Google Web Designer) in Google Network campaigns. As there are an ever increasing number of people using mobile devices/tablets to shop, connect and stay entertained; Google feel that in order to reach a larger audience, advertisers should use HTML5 to build their rich media ads.

Click here for an overview of the updated version of Google Web Designer.

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