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Facebook – Update on custom audiences

customaudRecently, Facebook have updated it’s Custom Audiences terms of service. This new update has been reported to prevent “scraping” of Facebook user IDs for ad targeting.

Advertisers using Custom Audiences can target ads based on phone numbers, website visitors, email lists, mobile app users and Facebook app user IDs. Soon, users will not be allowed to use the IDs for ad targeting, so in order to acquire an ID you will have to be logged in or engaged with an advertiser’s app.

“By requiring an App ID, Facebook is ensuring that Custom Audiences created only include IDs associated with people who have actually logged in or engaged with an advertiser’s app.”

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Google Analytics – Audience segmentation & remarketing now available for Apps

Google has announced the availability of audience demographics, interests reporting and remarketing on apps for Analytics. This is the way forward for monitoring your data, as all the best remarketing capabilities for Analytics users are now available on apps. Easily create remarketing lists by using the recently upgraded segmentation and audience building; and have a much clearer view of your audience demographics reporting.

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New In-App Audience Demographics Reporting – Courtesy of Google

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