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Google Adwords – Dynamic Remarketing

If you haven’t already used dynamic remarketing in your campaigns, now is the time to start. Since its release, it has proven to drive better results and more profits to remarketing campaigns.

Dynamic remarketing is used to show returning visitors the products they previously viewed on your website, and any other related products that they may be interested in.

You could have a customer who viewed a selection of tents on your website, you could then show ads that feature the exact tents they viewed; and feature any other related products like camping equipment/accessories etc.

We have been working with a client who sell gaming chairs, to create dynamic remarketing ads. We chose to create text ads to encourage visitors who have previously visited the website, products that they viewed, and other products they may be interested in. We also created an engagement video banner ad to promote the brand of our client’s website, and the products they are known for (gaming chairs). These will be placed onto websites that are relevant to the type of products the client sells, and any websites that have an interest in gaming.

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Google – Increase in Answer Boxes

Recently there has been an increase in the amount of answer boxes present on Google search results pages.  Moz recently published a report showing the increase in the appearance of Google’s quick answer boxes.

The significant increase reportedly began a few weeks ago, but went unnoticed due to other updates taking all the headlines (Panda 4.1 rollout). The answer boxes appear after a user types in any question, word or phrase. This process is much faster compared to finding your answer on a website from the results page; which also makes it much easier for mobile users. When using a mobile or tablet to search Google for a definition on a term or information on a topic, users usually want a fast answer to their query; which is why Google’s quick answer boxes are the way forward for both mobile and desktop users.

The most commonly searched queries so far are:

-Global Warming




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