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Google Introduce The New Ranking Signal


Recently Google introduced a new ranking signal to the Webmaster and SEO world. Google plan on rewarding sites that have secure, encrypted HTTPS connections with a boost to their search rankings.

Security is crucial to Google, who invest a lot in making sure that they use industry leading security like strong HTTPS encryption; which is why this new ranking signal has been designed to promote improved online security.


If you are interested in adopting HTTPS for your site, here are some basic tips on how to get started:

  • Use 2048-bit key certificates
  • Make a decision on the kind of certificate you need (single, multi-domain or wildcard certificate)
  • Use relative URLs for resources that reside on the same secure domain.
  • Ensure you don’t block your HTTPS site from crawling (using robots.txt)
  • Permit indexing of your pages by search engines.

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Google Adwords – Upgrading ‘Search and Display Networks’

Starting on the 16th September all campaigns with ‘Search and Display Networks’, will be automatically upgraded to ‘Search Network with Display Select’. Google have already experienced great results with their newly upgraded campaign type; as hundreds of thousands of campaigns have already opted towards this new change.

There are beneficial reasons why you should choose to upgrade now, the first one being better performance for your ads. Users who have already upgraded have seen their performance significantly improve with an average of users seeing 35% higher CTR, and 35% lower cost-per-customer.

Secondly it will be easier to manage, as settings like keywords and bids will automatically be used to find customers on the Display Network; no extra work required!

Lastly you will have the ability to customise based on how you want your campaigns to perform. You may get fewer clicks and impressions when you upgrade, but they’re more likely from customers who are ready to make a purchase from you. If maintaining your current click levels is important for your advertising goals, you can also create a new ‘Display Network Only’ campaign. This way you can incorporate the settings and targeting options from your original campaign to help retain click levels.

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