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How to filter bot traffic from Google Analytics

Those of you who are aware of bots will know that they skew your data, and artificially increase the amount of visits, unique visitors, conversions rates and average visit duration. It will negatively effect the results of your data that has been collected over a long period of time; so any visits that are from bots are still counted towards the total amount of visits.

In order to exclude bots from your data, you will have to enable a feature in Analytics’ reporting view settings. After this is enabled Analytics will automatically begin to filter your data by comparing visits to your site with known User Agents on the list.

However, you may see that your traffic has dropped slightly, this is common as bots boost your performance to a  ridiculously high result. Your new number of visits, unique visitors, average visit duration and bounce rate should be at a more sensible level after bots are disabled.


Facebook – Best Practices for your Ads

For an ad to become successful on Facebook it will need to be visually creative as well as having good unique content. InsideFacebook have provided tips and information on how you can help your ad thrive on Facebook; including tips on making your ad look attractive, effective content and the relevance of your ad.

Ideally a good ad should have no more than 90 characters, making less of an effort for customers to read. Also you should make sure that the content you have included on your ad is relevant to your target audience, and that it includes information that will encourage customers to engage with the ad.

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