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Adwords – Best tools & methods to help you measure your performance

Columnist Frederick Vallaeys is sharing his favourite tools and methods for evaluating your Adwords performance. In this article there will be insights into using ratios, scores and grades to further assist performance.

Lin-Rodnitzky (L/R) Score

The L/R score compares the CPA of converted search queries, to the overall CPA for search campaigns in your account. The L/R score is reached by dividing the total of the two CPAs together by at least one conversion. Once you’ve found the score for your campaigns, it’s important to know what it means. A score between 1.5 – 2, would mean that your account is well managed and performing at a good rate. Anything below that would possibly indicate that your account is not aggressive enough. But it’s important to know that a higher score doesn’t necessarily mean a positive thing, as your account could be hitting a L/R score of 2, but wasting money on lots of irrelevant keywords.

To download the L/R ratio, Click Here

Vallaeys Shopping Efficiency Score

This is a similar method to the L/R score, but targets the shopping campaigns rather than search. The Vallaeys shopping efficiency score (VSE) monitors and evaluates you method of controlling the bids for shopping ads; as you might be managing them too tightly.

VSE structure score (as described by Frederick Vallaeys) “calculates the ratio of ad impressions that come from product groups labeled ‘everything else in …’ versus those coming from defined product groups.” The point in this is to show that a more highly-structured product group will be better managed than one that is more loosely structured.

If you want to know how well your shopping campaigns are structured, download the following script Here


Google Search Tips – Become an expert at finding things online

As many of you may know, there are many features out there you can use to further assist your search. But there may be some that you haven’t been aware of before.

The following are the best hidden features that Google offer for users. This will not only make the process of search much faster, but it will make it easier and more efficient for people who are constant users.



Search within a site:

Enter the domain of the site you want to search and use “site:” before it, if you are looking to search for something that is only on that site.




Search exact phrases:

To search for a specific phrase you can apply quotation marks around the terms you want to use.




Exclude a word:

Add a dash before a word to exclude the search term, this can be useful if you are searching for something with multiple meanings.




Search for similar content:

Enter “related” before a URL that you know of, to find sites with similar content.




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