Upgrade your AdWords URLs before 1st July!

All advertisers will need to use Upgraded URLs in place of Destination URLs from the 1st July 2015.

Google introduced upgraded URLs to AdWords in February, which helped advertisers manage landing page and tracking information separately, using the Final URL and tracking template fields.  If you use tracking, you not only use the Destination URL field as the web address people click on to get to your landing page, but also for tracking parameters and redirects to third-party tracking services. If you do not use tracking in your Destination URLs you can wait for the automatic upgrade starting from 1st July.

The new URL structure allows you to track more insights into your ad performance, scale tracking updates across your account and keep your ads running while making updates to your shared tracking templates.

Here are some tips to upgrade your URLs:

  • If you often make tracking updates across your account, use the advanced upgrade and shared tracking templates.
  • Add the new ValueTrack parameters to your tracking templates using the advanced upgrade (this tracks audience, location and mobile performance)
  • New shared tracking templates allow you to keep your ads running even while you make edits to your tracking.

“Upgraded URLs let us set different final URLs for mobile and desktop under the umbrella of a single ad. This gives our teams and our advertisers’ businesses a more reliable way to update tracking and helps ensure customers land on the appropriate page, rather than relying on URL redirects.” — David Gong, Director of Strategic Accounts at PMG

Use the Google Upgrade Guide to learn how to upgrade now


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