Yahoo Have Begun Testing Google Search Results

Yahoo Have Begun Testing Google Search Results

Yahoo have recently confirmed that they will start experimenting with Google search results, as well as those of its current partner, Bing.

Yahoo and Microsoft are currently halfway through their 10-year partnership, but as of April, the two companies decided to revise their deal, resulting in Yahoo opening up their search results and ads to other sources, rather than keeping them Bing-exclusive.  Yahoo stated: “As we work to create the absolute best experiences for Yahoo users, from time to time, we run small tests with a variety of partners including search providers.”

The partnership was updated to allow more flexibility in searches.  Since Yahoo agreed to use Microsoft’s Bing for its web search back in 2009, they were given the option to pull out midway if certain revenue conditions weren’t met.  Yahoo accepted this deal, but with the agreement that 51% of all search results are still delivered by Bing.

Google previously proposed an alliance with Yahoo in 2008, which would’ve allowed Google to place its ads on Yahoo search results, however, the deal never went ahead due to months of regulatory inquiry and opposition from competitors, including Microsoft.

According to eMarketer projections, Yahoo and Microsoft combined will own 6.5% of the $81.6 billion search market globally in 2015.  The research firm have also stated that Google are expected to claim 55% of the global market.

Yahoo have already started testing Google ads in a small number of mobile and desktop queries, and it is expected that there will be more experimentation to follow in the near future.

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