Implementation | Blue Thirst

We implement digital marketing solutions that work with our clients’ existing platforms and we’re experienced with collaborating with their existing partners. We tailor our bespoke solutions to fit our clients’ needs and can completely manage projects and PPC campaigns, or just give support where needed.

“We build PPC campaigns that deliver our clients goals and an acceptable cost per goal. We have set processes that ensure we can delivery a bespoke digital campaigns for each client.” – Martin McAndrew (Director)

Examples of our campaigns:

1. Increase Number and Value of Conversions

By delivering high quality traffic to a site through PPC or working closely to with your affiliates, we can improve not only the number, but the value of your customers.

• Deliver more traffic through search, social and display marketing.
• Affiliate programs that deliver sale to a pre-agreed margin with preset rules.
• Social and Digital PR allow us to understand where there is engagement with your brand and  products, it also allows us to discover where similar or competitor brands are and you are not.

2. Repeat Customer Strategies

It costs, on average, five times as much to gain a new customer than it does to generate repeat custom from an existing client. We work to show your customers how important they are to your business.

• We work with you to ensure you are using your business’s customer database to its full potential. We build campaigns that will promote repeat sales, as well as keeping their data clean and up to date.
• Target customers that have already shown interest in your site.
• Build, transmit and manage emails that your customers want to receive and define segmentation for targeted and personalised communications.

3. Increase Site Efficiency

There are many reasons why a site’s conversion rate is below the market average. We can help when a new site is launched, or we can work with any existing web presences to ensure that the changes we make provide the best return on investment.

• Ensuring that your new build project is going to be as effective as possible from day one.
• Test and implement template changes, offers & promotions, bundles and merchandising to improve profitability.
• Creating content that your customers are interested in to sell your company and its services.