Strategy | Blue Thirst

Strategy creates the actions needed to achieve online objectives. We will provide the best digital marketing solution based on cost, financial return, and speed of implementation. Our knowledge of this sector creates the insight that delivers success.

“Even in digital marketing, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  At Blue Thirst, all of our strategies have a recordable goal and everything we do is judged on achieving that goal.” – Martin McAndrew (Director)

Example eCommerce strategy goals:

1. Sell More Products/Services

A Cost of Sale (COS) PPC campaign is specifically designed to maximise sales and minimise costs. These campaigns are data intensive, as everything
is in a process of review and improvement.

• Sell your products online to an agreed margin (COS strategy).
• Ensure that your business is always where your customers are .
• Increase the value of each customer by increasing basket values and improve return customer rates with data lead merchandising.

2. Increase Brand Knowledge and Awareness

Improving brand knowledge is important; if people know your product or service and what distinguishes you from the competition, they are much
more likely to purchase or engage with your business.

• Be up to date with what is of interest to your customers and where they are online.
• Ensure that the time and effort put into social media marketing is delivering a return.
• Coordinate partners, distributors and other geographic regions to keep consistency of your brand around the globe.

3. New Project Planning

Every new project has it’s own challenges, whether it be eCommerce, search engine visibility or multi lingual / territory, we have experience in these
types of projects and ensuring that they deliver when launched.

• Ensure you have the right technical team / agencies to deliver any new build project.
• Work with your teams to ensure that all the appropriate steps in a project are taken.
• Ensure that any new build project is completed to a specified quality.