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We understand that openness, honesty and accountability are some of the most important traits when dealing with an outsourced agency. We are completely open about the way we plan and build all of our campaigns. We will always allow our client access to reporting, accounts and admin systems.

“As the internet and online selling evolves, we ensure that our clients always have the support and technology to be at their most profitable, no matter what the market.” – Martin McAndrew (Director)

Reporting & Analysis

We understand that our clients need reports and every client is given, as regularly as they require, the metrics that are important to them about their campaigns. We also know that the insight and recommendations are far more valuable, so we make sure that our reports are as valuable as possible.

• Create action and insight from reporting, not just numbers and data.
• Reporting metrics are specific to your business goals.
• Reporting is created at a frequency that your business needs.

Success Review

It’s important that, when you’re very close to a project or have been working on a long term campaign, that there are scheduled times when you review the campaign as a whole to see if there are more effective techniques.

• Regular reviews ensure the campaigns are the most effective possible.
• Constant monitoring of competitors ensure your business is up to date.
• Our open and honest company policy is; if we think you can deliver your target better elsewhere, we will tell you.

GAP Analysis

Unless your business is static, you will constantly be updating your GAP analysis. There are always new techniques or technology to consider. A fluid evaluation of new strategies allows you to always ensure that your company balances being updated with being profitable.

• Constant evaluation of new technologies or channels which would improve the profitability of your business.
• Help building business cases for budgets or new developments.
• Assurance that your marketing is up to date and your competition is not leaving you behind.