Blue Thirst see their clients as the top priority, that’s why their feedback is so important to us.

Here’s what some of our clients thought of their experiences with Blue Thirst:

AW Vets

boysstuff“Blue Thirst helped us spec and develop a new website and content management system that would allow us to grow our UK and worldwide offering. We were very happy with the final result.”
-Director, AW Vets

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“Blue Thirst helped us launch the Binopolis website to the consumer and were key in helping to drive traffic to the site. The team has become increasingly pro-active as they have worked with us in developing the brand. Their technical knowledge has been particularly valuable to us and they have worked well with our design and creative partners to further develop the effectiveness of our site.”
-Director, Binopolis

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Boys Stuff

boysstuff“We have been a client of Blue Thirst for over 4 years now. We’ve worked on many individual projects as well as having a retained paid search contract with them. From day one they have worked hard to understand my company, my brand and my objectives. Blue Thirst genuinely know what they are talking about and have backed up all of their plans and strategies with results. They’re a pleasure to work with.”
-Director, Boys Stuff

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Europe Emirates Group

aue square“Our experience with Blue thirst has been mind-blowing, accustomed to lengthy reports from other service providers which in effect mean nothing we are now enjoying a no-frills relationship that addresses issues and concerns on the go and that delivers results.”
-Director, Europe Emirates Group

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Honda of Bournemouth

aue square“Blue Thirst have really helped us get our new ecommerce store up and running.  We originally started working with the team when we wanted to migrate from our existing platform.  They worked with our new supplier to ensure that we got the best possible solution we could for our budget.”
-Director, Honda of Bournemouth





KLC School of Design

“Blue Thirst really came through with a sophisticated blended digital campaign that brought enough quality enquirers to gain the extra enrolments we were looking for in such a short period of time. We had regular contact with Martin and his team throughout the campaign to review the responses and adjust the spend to maximum effect.”
-Director, KLC School of Design

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Lily’s Kitchen

“Blue Thirst have been a technical partner of Lily’s Kitchen for many years now. Blue Thirst manage very profitable PPC campaigns for us and work well on a project by project basis; partnering with our other agencies to ensure we achieve the best results.”
-Director, Lily’s Kitchen

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Mayflower Care Communities

“We were impressed by Blue Thirst’s knowledge and understanding of the healthcare sector and they designed a targeted campaign for us. We are delighted with the results.”
-Director, Mayflower Care Communities

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Outdoor Gear

aue square
“4 years ago, Blue Thirst took over our PPC campaigns when no other agencies could get them to work in a profitable way. Within the first month of management, the new PPC campaigns were very successful, and they’ve been doing well ever since.”
-Director, Outdoor Gear

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PetAir UK

“Blue Thirst work on a 100% commission model with us. There are a lot of agencies that talk the talk in pitches and proposals, but Blue Thirst were the only agency confident enough in their results to take payments solely on the improvement that they make. Every month so far they have surpassed the targets set, increased conversions, and lowered the cost per conversion. They are really helping to grow my business.”
-Director, PetAir UK

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“We have been able to outsource almost all of our digital marketing. The partnership commission agreement really works for us as we know Blue Thirst are being rewarded for improving my company’s revenue.”
-Director, Roxtons

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aue square“We took on Blue Thirst after struggling with our existing marketing agency. Blue Thirst have been great, they got the product and the market straight away. They helped us get our AdWords spend under control and have grown real profits from this channel. ”
-Director, Outdoor Gear

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Stair Furb

stair furb case study“Having worked with Blue Thirst for four months now, we’re happy with their performance and their work ethic. Regular performance analysis keep us in the loop on progress and conference calls enable us to go into more detail as a team and develop strategies to optimise our online presence. So far, so good and I’d be happy to recommend BlueThirst to any companies that are looking for a PPC management agency.”
-Director, Stair Furb

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Young Actors Theatre

“Blue Thirst have helped our Google Adwords campaign to have over 5% CTR and thus triple the number of new people coming to our building. A real difference that we can feel, not just see on a spreadsheet.”
-Director, Young Actors Theatre

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