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Google ads – New guides and checklist released by Google to manage your campaigns through COVID-19

Google moved very quickly in response to COVID-19, gmail blocked around 18 million COVID-19 scam emails every day. In 2019 Google blocked 2.7 billion bad ads that is more than 5,000 ads blocked per minute. Over 1 million ad account were blocked and over 1.2 million publishers were blocked and 21 million pages removed from Googles ad network.  These are crazy numbers. 

I know everyone that works with Google ads occasionally moans at how long it can sometimes take to get ads approved or the annoyance of false positives even having to get things manually approved but 5,000 ads being blocked per minute is a huge number.

It is now super important to not get accidentally caught up in this huge net, which is really easy to do.  At one point using images with people not socially distancing was enough to get a banner banned, and if you were advertising anti virus software and using virus in your ads. Good luck getting that through without manual intervention. 

Google ads has release some really great guides for search, display and discover to help you avoid getting caught up in these new aggressive filters.  There also individual check list for all their campaigns type so search, display, discover, Apps, Video, Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360 and Measurement, which are really worth following and we will put a link to them all on the Blue Thirst site.

Also worth checking out are the Adapting in Industry Trends guides, they have been released for retail, mobile gaming, hotel and food & beverage – really worth a read if you are in this sector.

Search Ads

Search ads full guide
Search ads checklist

Display Ads

Display ads full guide
Display ads checklist

Discovery Ads

Discovery ads full guide
Discovery ads checklist

Apps Ads

Apps ads checklist

Video Ads

Video ads checklist

Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 checklist


Measurement checklist

Sector: Retail

Retail Adapting to industry guide
Retail Adapting to industry checklist

Sector: Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming Adapting to industry checklist

Sector: Hotel

Hotel Adapting to industry checklist

Sector: Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Adapting to industry checklist

Google Trends Adapting to industry checklist