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Ever noticed a large change in a campaign and can’t really quickly explain it.  It can take hours picking through all the points that could have caused the change.

There is a new beta trial where you can request an explanation. Some of the questions that can be answered are:

Bid Changes – how bid changes have caused affects

Bid Modifier Changes – how it modifies such things as demographic, device and location have caused changes

Budget allocation – any changes to budgets that have made an effect

Budget exhaustion rate – has a change in CPC spent your budget quicker

Conversions – has conversion tracking failed or changed

Eligibility – have ads been disapproved  during the period

Targeting changes.  This is really good.  Accurately attribute your changes to improvements

Auction competition or search interest –  A better understanding of the market place will be great to know

Change history – Was it your mistake?

This looks like a really great tool to answer those 5 minute questions that sometimes can take a couple of hours to answer.  Actually a great addition to the tool thanks Google ads.

Google press release: http://Google press release: