Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising places adverts across the Amazon network. There are four main advertising techniques to help you reach your audience.

Sponsored ads can be sponsored products or sponsored brands. These allow you to reach Amazon customers as they’re discovering products. These appear on search results pages and relevant product pages, directing your customers to the product detail page or your Amazon store page. You only pay when a customer clicks your ad, and you’re always in control of your budget.

Display ads appear across the Amazon Network. This can be on Amazon, Amazon owned sites and Amazon devices. Display ads with Amazon provide a wide reach, whether or not you sell on Amazon. You can use them to inspire customers to take action through a number of creative formats and storytelling vehicles.

Video ads allow you to tell stories and make connections with your customers throughout their purchase journey. Video ads appear across the Amazon network, embedding your brand message within high-quality content. Your ads appear in the places that your customers are choosing to consume content. They can also be paired with your display ads for brand awareness.

Display and video ads on Amazon require a larger budget than standard sponsored ads.

Amazon also have a Stores function. This allows you to create a multi-page brand site within Amazon to present your brand. Shoppers can discover your product portfolio with you branding for brand awareness. You will also have a unique URL that can be used with ads outside of Amazon to drive consumers to your store.

Amazon provide their own measurement solutions. Leveraging Amazon first-party data, you can accurately measure your ad impact on the touch-points to a purchase. They measure ad impact on browsing behaviour, consideration and sales. Going beyond traditional campaign reporting. Third-party reporting can also be used to compliment these measurements. Providing a full and holistic view of your ad performance.

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Amazon Advertising

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