Digital Marketing in China

Digital marketing in China can be difficult to enter, but…

With over 1.5 billion people, your target market will be represented here.

To start digital marketing in China successfully you need to have a well-researched plan. It’s also important to be present on mobile in China.

Double 11, the major e-shopping holiday in China, generated over 9 billion dollars in 24 hours. 40 percent of that was on mobile devices. In the Chinese market, video is king and email is long gone.

There are a number of key strategies that are essential to engage consumers in China:

New Retail

Retail experiences that bridge the gap between online and offline.


Online to offline experiences, finding products online but being led to physical stores to complete the purchase.


WeChat is the most popular app in country with over 1 billion monthly active users. They can chat, play games, shop, read news, pay for food, post pictures and more.


Weibo is a popular micro-blogging site in China, created after the ban in mainland China of Twitter and Facebook. Ideal for raising brand awareness and getting insights into customer needs.

Little Red Book

LRB is a social e-commerce shopping platform, aimed at women. It allows them to discover and purchase luxury products from overseas.


A social sharing app for creating short videos. As video is king in the Chinese market it is important to feature here. In China there are 150 million daily active users.


Referred to as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) influencers hold a lot of power in the Chinese advertising market. One major fashion influencer partnered with MINI and sold 100, 36,000 Euro MINI coopers in 4 minutes.

If you’re looking to enter the Chinese market, we can get you there. Contact us today to develop your entry plan.

Digital Marketing in China

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