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Google AdWords Management – PPC.

Working with Blue Thirst for Google AdWords Management, one of the south coast’s only fully accredited Google Premier Partner Agencies, you get:

  • Experts in competitive markets such as lead generation, eCommerce and finance sectors.
  • Only fully qualified staff working on accounts.
  • We can work to a fixed cost or 100% commission.
  • Accurate performance and cost projections before campaigns start.
  • Access to the latest Google developments and beta trials.
  • Transparent approach and reporting.
  • An agency experienced with working on large complex accounts, with more than 1000 campaigns.
  • Custom automation such as integration with call centres and stock or availability databases.
  • Campaigns that work across the globe we specialise in multilingual multi location campaigns.

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How We Are Different

The technology behind the Google AdWords system has improved massively over the last couple of years. Our fully trained teams are experts in using every new update that is available to keep our clients ahead of their competitors.

We are experts in running AdWords Campaigns checkout some of the reasons why:

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