Yandex – Russian PPC Marketing

Yandex is Russia’s largest search engine, ranking as the 5th largest worldwide.

We can run your PPC on Yandex, to reach Russian Audiences. Its biggest advantage is recognising Russian inflections in search queries, this gives your users a better local language experience. Get your brand in front of your users, on a search engine that works for them, on the 4th most popular website in Russia.

Here at Blue Thirst, we can:

  • Grow your brand visibility in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
  • Advertise your business using Banner, Audio and Video adverts.
  • Use Yandex tools such as .Market, to sell your consumer products, and .Webmaster, to track important statistics such as clicks and user demographics.
  • Give you control of your monthly, weekly and even daily spend.

With an advanced local search algorithm, you can target all 83 regions of Russia. Find the precise audience for your product or service.

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