Sector: Large eCommerce

Who are they

Cactus Navigation & Communication are the UK’s leading retailer of Marine Electronics and Equipment.  Cactus stands apart from other online retailers in their high level of technical expertise and focus on customer service.  Cactus is the only internet retailer of general marine equipment that is a dealer and service agent for the major brands of marine electronics so they can give you the product best suited not just the one in stock.  Cactus is a well established company trading for over 20 years.

What did our client need

Cactus Navigation & Communication had been trading successfully with Google ads for a number of years and the account had a good amount of data.  They came to Blue Thirst to improve their profitability, grow turnover and better manage the 10,000 SKUs.

We created a solution where each of the 10,000 SKUs had.

Own Budget – The most profitable products could be exposed in the most predictable search traffic.

New / Old Products – 4 times per day new product campaigns are created or removed, and price updates happen in real time.

All Products – Unique budget, bidding strategy and negative keyword list