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Who Are Europe Emirates Group?

The Europe Emirates Group, based in Dubai, offer legal and financial services to those looking to set-up their own business in over 60 locations. Europe Emirates Group provides expert advice for those looking to expand their business to different countries.

What Did Our Client Need?

Europe Emirates Group came to Blue Thirst looking to build a multi-national, multi lingual, multi search engine campaign promoting their start-up and business registration services. Blue Thirst targeted multiple regions and countries with a pre-defined cost per lead requirement.

What Did We Achieve?

15 X Increase  in Conversions – from around 20 per month to over 300 per month in two months
75% Reduction in cost per enquiry

What Did Our Client Think?

‘Our experience with Blue thirst has been mind-blowing, accustomed to lengthy reports from other service providers which in effect mean nothing we are now enjoying a no-frills relationship that addresses issues and concerns on the go and that delivers results.’
-Adrian Oton

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