Sector: Pet Supplies

Who are they

PetsMagnet are a leading online retailer for everything pet supplies. They understand that every animal is different, from the food they eat to the care they need. That’s why they stock a huge range of products from leading brands.

Pets Magnet had tried a number of other digital marketing agencies and had found that their costs were going up but sales were not.  The pet food market is very competitive with some very large players, it was starting to seem that there was no room for a new business to enter the market.

PetsMagnet had found there were lots of experts out there but few people that could actually deliver.

What did our client need?

PetsMagnet wanted to grow their business in a profitable way, they wanted a real partnership with an agency that would be rewarded by achieving results. Not with another retainer agency that does not deliver.

Blue Thirst offered a commission agreement where we took a % revenue of sales to turn around their accounts.  If we did not achieve what we said we would we would not get paid.

Our strategy

With over 10,000 SKUs and over 200 brands, we had to build a strategy that was smarter and worked their media budget harder than the very big players in the market were doing.

We have deployed a deck of campaigns that out flanks the very larger players by being:

  • Granular – we use dynamic text ads for all SKUs that fit to rules such as minimum product value
  • Dynamic – we use real time pricing updates in both our shopping and text ads
  • Waste less – we incorporate real time stock monitoring and use this to pause/enable campaign
text ad breakdown